Expansion Joint Systems


EMSEAL is the leading innovator and manufacturer of premium sealants and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction industry as well as for numerous gasketing applications in specialty market applications.

TSI Engineering Sdn Bhd and EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd, USA are partner/distributor in Malaysia in supplying and installing high value structural expansion joints and pre-compressed sealants involved in the construction of any commercial, government, or service facility including hospitals, schools, office buildings, parking structures, bridges, civil infrastructures, airports and sports stadiums.

EMSEAL's most recent innovation is in fire-rated, structural expansion joint sealants that simultaneously seal out water, thermally insulate, acoustically insults, resist hurricane-force air pressures handle thermal and seismic movement, and have a built-in UL-Certified fire rating.

The EMSEAL Approach to successful expansion joint treatment on having high-quality, innovative and durable materials for use in sealing and bridging small and large, building component and structural joints in foundations, decks, walls, and floors that don't leak that has resulted in the successful execution of watertight expansion joints on new and retrofit projects on structures of every type and is committed solely to providing lasting joint-sealing and bridging solutions.

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MIGUA is one of Europe's leading expert in the design, manufacture and installation of expansion joint systems. MIGUA expansion joint systems serve to cover, close and seal expansion joints.

TSI Engineering Sdn Bhd and MIGUA Fugensyteme GMbH, Wulfrath, Germany are partner/distributor in Malaysia, supplying and installing a wide range of expansion joint profiles for simple usage in connection with architectural requirements and are widely used in large-scale construction projects such as airports, train stations, industrial plants, park buildings, shopping centres and hospitals.

Floors, walls or roofs, MIGUA offers the perfect solution for any surface and our experienced team do their utmost to ensure that our outstanding product quality and innovative approach make your building project successful.

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